Thought as the entry door of the Fondation, sharing its space with the Café Mirette, the Fondation Pernod Ricard bookshop was created with the complicity of the parisian independent bookshop After 8 books. It gathers books related to our program and highlights the current publications of the French scene.

For the group show “Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty”, curator David Douard and the artists have put together a constellation of books (essays, monographs, exhibition catalogs and fanzines). The entire collection can be found on the central table of the Librairie de la Fondation.

See their complete selection here.


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Opening Hours

Tuesday: 11h - 20h
Wednesday: 11h - 22h
Thursday: 11h - 20h
Friday: 11h - 20h
Saturday: 11h - 19h

image : © Thomas Lannes