After having conquered a good part of the 9th arrondissement, with as many cult establishments of So-Pi (from Pantruche to Coucou via Caillebotte and Belle Maison), Franck Baranger, Pauline Labrousse, Nicolas Chatellain and Edouard Bobin take over the reins of Café Mirette, a nod to Paul Ricard’s girlfriend.


Open continuously, with a beautiful terrace on the Cours Paul Ricard, this coffee shop will offer, depending on the time of day, a very good LOMI coffee in the morning, a generous and locavore offer at lunchtime, an aperitif formula, and a snack or brunch on Saturdays with, for example, a brioche bun of pulled pork with roasted sesame seeds and cream cheese.


As the gateway to the Pernod Ricard Foundation, Café Mirette shares its space with a library and a bookstore that make you want to take a break and delve deeper into the labyrinth of the French art scene or look through the La Traverse newspaper while sipping a mimosa cocktail.