Jardin is the reference monograph on the work of Stéphane Calais. The book presents a selection of works made from 1996 to 2021.

The different mediums, the black and white and the colors, all the colors, the figures and the abstractions follow the evolution of the painter. The revelation, in a book, for those who did not know the painter yet, and the confirmation, for the others, of a work made of audacity, intelligence, sensitivity as much as knowledge and know-how.
More than a hundred reproductions of works and views of exhibitions allow everyone to discover the immensity of a work as profound as it is extensive, the thought being nourished by a rare erudition and developing in an infinity of forms.

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Stéphane Calais, Hugo Vitrani, Dork Zabunyan
Gilles Drouault galerie / multiples
Supported by
Fondation d'entreprise Pernod Ricard, Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Adagp, CNAP
Date of publication
Français, Anglais
Number of pages
35.00 €