Books selection for "La société des spectacles"

For the exhibition "La société des spectacles", with Farah Atassi and Ulla von Brandenburg, curator Marjolaine Lévy presents a selection of essays, articles, novels, and short story collections. The selection can be found on the central table of the Librairie de la Fondation.

Cécile Debray, Florence Derieux, Farah Atassi, 2022. Co-édition Manuella Editions/Musée national Picasso.

Barry Schwabsky, Marjolaine Lévy, Farah Atassi, monographie, 2015. Editions Analogues.

Iwona Blazwick, Maximilian Rauschenbach, Stephan Berg, Lydia Yee, Sweets Quilts Sun Works, Ulla von Brandenburg, 2019. Editions Whitechapel Gallery/Kunstmuseum Bonn.

Alexandra Baudelot, Matthieu Doze, Jacinto Lageira, Jeremy Lecomte, Suzanne Müller, Ida Soulard, It has a golden sun and an elderly grey moon, Ulla von Brandenburg, 2016. Editions Mousse Publishing.

Marjolaine Lévy, Les modernologues, 2017. Editions Mamco.

Elizabeth Otto, Haunted Bauhaus, Occult Spirituality, Gender Fluidity, Queer Identities, and Radical Politics, 2019. Editions MIT Press.

Torsten Blume, Eva Díaz, Raphael Gygax, Juliet Koss, Tobias Peper,  Xanti Schawinsky, Raphael Gygax & Heike Munder. 2015. JRP Editions

Oskar Schlemmer, The theater of the Bauhaus (bauhausbucher 4), 2020. Editions Lars Muller.

Katie Baudin, Waleria Dorogova, Maison Sonia Delaunay, The Fabric of Modernity, 2022. Editions Hatje Cantz.

Torsten Blume, Xanti Schawinsky The Album, 2016. JRP Editions.