Dominique Petitgand

Monday 27 May 2019 at 7 pm

Les gens assis par terre (People sitting on the Ground) is a series of four sound performances to be heard in episodes

Les gens assis par terre (People sitting on the Ground) is a series of four sound performances to be heard in episodes,

giving presence,

through different listening experiences,

to voices,


nearby words, faraway noises, and silences.

Since 1992, Dominique Petitgand has been composing and creating sound pieces, as well as spoken, musical and silent pieces. Works in which voices, noises, musical atmospheres and silences, by means of montage, construct micro-universes where a permanent ambiguity persists between a principle of reality and a projection into a possible fiction, one that is acontextual and timeless.

The artist defines his works as mental stories and landscapes. In an almost obsessive way, and always with a tinge of musicality, he inventories voices, gestures and moods to keep a record of a statement, a state or an absence. By connecting elements, he conjures up a succession of mental images. It is a narrative space in which repetition and the floating of identities, places and temporal structures evoke the very movement of the construction (and defection) of language, memory and thought.

For the artist, these listening sessions at the Fondation, which differ from one another, like a suite in four episodes, will be a new chance to create a performed form, one that will bring orality and writing into play, together and alternately through several sound systems, and by combining several listening experiences that are adapted both to the Fondation’s space and to the story itself.

Offering a plural and open experience, the artist will be present during the sessions, like an element that sets the device in motion, a withdrawn presence.

With support from the gallery gb agency.

Visuel #4
Visuel #4
Fondation Pernod Ricard
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