Guest program. Lancement de l'ouvrage Le meilleur système de Anne-Sarah Huet

Saturday 16 March 2024 at 4:30 pm

Launch of the book Le meilleur système de Anne-Sarah Huet
ESAAA éditions, 2023
At the bookshop of the Foundation
Free entrance

Program :
Presentation of the book followed by a discussion between Anne-Sarah Huet, and Mihena Alsharif
Signing and selling of the book

"The best system is a hybrid and meta text. Both a poetic collection and a critical reader, nourished by references to genre literature, it explores the dissociative affects of the narrator and her experience of racial passing. Is the story of a quest for incarnation possible? In what forms can it 'pass'?

Acad, Seventiz (and the others) don't always agree, but one thing is certain: together, they form the best system. Both active within the university and in the field of contemporary art, they use their knowledge of social choice theory to interpret angel numbers, thus hoping to elucidate the circumstances in which Ibrahim, 22 years old, been murdered.

But what is the purpose of the red and green wing that appeared on their shoulder blade this semester?”

Extract from the afterword by Meryam Benbachir

Le meilleur système, © Traduttore, traditore
Le meilleur système, © Traduttore, traditore

Anne-Sarah Huet
Mihena Alsharif

Fondation Pernod Ricard
1 cours Paul Ricard
75008 Paris
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