How to become earthbound?

Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 7 pm

With Sophie Gosselin & David gé Bartoli

Today, it's indisputable that the rights of nature movement is growing worldwide. Philosophers Sophie Gosselin and David gé Bartoli document the new ways of inhabiting the earth that are emerging all over the world. These struggles are led by multiple groups attached to a territory, where other relationships to the world are being invented, taking into account alliances between human and non-human beings. From Bolivia to Notre-Dame-des-Landes, from New Zealand to New Caledonia or Mexico, they all contribute in emancipatory ways to the shift towards what they call "the earthly condition". To experience the earthly condition is not to return to a form of "primordial nature", but above all to give ourselves the collective means to become earthly, to reinscribe human forms of life in the fabric of a more-than-human life. Through "people-rivers", "people-mountains", "people-forests", "people-archipelagos", they analyze various cosmopolitical processes that completely rethink the modernist project of separating nature and culture.

— Jean-Marie Durand

Sophie Gosselin and David Gé Bartoli are philosophers and writers. For several years, they have been working on a philosophy of infraphysics that attempts to overcome the paradigm of Modernity based on the separation between nature and culture. Members of the journal Terrestres, in 2022 they published La Condition terrestre. Habiter la Terre en communs (Le Seuil), a sketch of other ways of relating to the Earth and the entities that inhabit it.

Imagined by Jean-Marie Durand, "S'inspirer, respirer" is a series of encounters designed to create a space of resonance between the intellectual world and the artistic world, between the conceptual world and ordinary life. Based on the hypothesis that on all of today's major issues - the climate crisis, the question of life, dystopias, alternative universes, migrations, fluidity, forms of contempt for social injustice, the failure of meritocracy, the rejection of patriarchy, the transformations of our affective economies... - artists draw resources from thinkers, from which plastic works are developed, we are once again betting that conversation and the questioning that accompanies it will be a gateway to knowledge and ways of inhabiting the world.

© Sophie Gosselin & David gé Bartoli
© Sophie Gosselin & David gé Bartoli

Sophie Gosselin

David gé Bartoli

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