Anysia Troin-Guis


Anysia Troin-Guis is an art critic and professor of modern literature.

For her doctorate in comparative literature, in 2017, she defended a thesis entitled Pratiques et poésies expérimentales de 1960 à 1980 : enjeux esthétiques, éthiques et politiques [Experimental Practices and Poetry from 1960 to 1980: Aesthetic, Ethical, and Political Concerns]. Winner of a post-doctoral research scholarship funded by the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah for her work on the relationship between contemporary art and historical violence, she regularly contributes to specialised magazines (Revue 02, Switch (on paper), Art Press).


She has contributed to various collective books and is a member of the collective Migrations et Altérités. Within this framework, she is currently preparing a book entitled Recherche et action : regards croisés sur les mobilités et l’altérité [Research and Action: Comparative Views on Mobilities and Otherness]. She has organised various scientific events (Aix-Marseille Université and Université Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle) and co-directed the edition of several issues of the magazine Les Chantiers de la création.


Her research refers to poetic and artistic creation, mainly in terms of its historical, political, and ethical concerns: it is a question of shedding light on the development of collective or individual identities, and the representation of social problematics, to outline a theory of the contemporary and a history of forms fuelled by current thought.