Benjamin Lallier


Benjamin Lallier, born in Marseille in 1985, is a multidisciplinary artist living in Berlin.

He maintains a non-exclusive relationship with several media, often bypassing the traditional formal constraints that each medium seems to impose. His work explores a wide range of interests, from scientific and philosophical theories to prosaic pop-culture landmarks. Benjamin Lallier explores the humor, poetry and manipulation of everyday situations and popular beliefs. He highlights the subtleties of a world often marked by unquestioningly accepted stereotypes. Some moments are both playful and deeply dark. Solo exhibitions include HAMPTON'S CAVE in Basel in 2023, The Cat Loves The Mouse, The Mouse Hates The Cat at the Heidi Galerie in Berlin in 2022, We're Lost, But We're Having a Good Time, a Two Bridges in New York in 2015. Group shows include Interiority Complex, at Heidi Galerie in Berlin in 2023, and True Religion at High Art in Arles.