Boris Kurdi


Lives and works in Paris.

Boris Kurdi explores the forces of intention that we exert upon images and objects, as well as their creation context in art and society. Degradation, exaggeration, alteration, misrepresentation and corruption are some of the signs we find in his drawings and sculptures, where several views of representation coexist.
The iconographic universe of Boris Kurdi’s works draws from a multitude of worlds, just as much from the corporate and service realms (revealed by the motif of envelopes stemming from his work as a receptionist), as from that of childhood (like the stars signed with correction fluid) or of engineers (for the so-called “technical” lines and symmetry), but especially from the history recounted by humanity: “It is deployed in museums, in factories, in the form of codes, symbols and characters, and this enables me to make a landscape out of it,” says the artist.