Claudia Triozzi


Lives and works in Paris.

Claudia Triozzi began her classical and contemporary dance studies in Italy and moved to Paris in 1985.
She produces iconoclastic shows, living tableaux, whose dance never comes out unscathed, because for Claudia Triozzi it is always a question of putting to the test the presuppositions of the choreographic show. The performance space, the dancer’s own modes of interpretation and the very notions of performance are constantly being questioned. From piece to piece, from exhibition space to theater stage, Claudia Triozzi pushes the limits of the body and the spaces of visibility of the dancer.
Her work develops on stage as well as through videos or installations, exhibited in museums and galleries. She presented her shows on the European scene as well as in the United States, Korea, and Japan where she was awarded the AFAA grant, Villa Kujoyama, hors les murs, 2004. She develops a pedagogy linked to her own work by intervening in different art schools in France and abroad.
Productions: Un CCN en terre et en paille (2017), Pour une thèse vivante épisode 5 (2017), Habiter pour créer (2017), Accents (2017), Park de 1998 à aujourd’hui (2016), Comparses pour une thèse vivante épisode 4 (2015),  Avanti Tutta 30 ans dans un an (2014), Boomerang (ou le retour à soi) (2013), Pour une thèse vivante épisode 2 (2013), Pour une thèse vivante (2011), IDÉAL (2011), Ni vu ni connu (2010), La prime (2008), Up to date (2007), Fais une halte chez Antonella (2006), Strip-tease (2006), La baronne et son tourment (2006), Opera’s Shadows (2005), Stand (2004), The Family Tree (2002), Dolled Up (2000), Bal Tango (1999), Park (1998), Gallina Dark (1996), Les Citrons (1992), La Vague (1991).