Clémentine Adou


Born in 1988 in Paris. Lives and works in Paris.

Her work is grounded in an economy of production and means, through processes of subtraction and covering that include everyday objects and materials. Clémentine Adou's work reflects political concerns, through spatial and contextual forms that highlight processes of visibility and constraint. Through displacement and highlighting, her pieces reveal these mechanics - as much as they call for a certain exercise in uncluttering the gaze, attention or passivity in a contemporary society structured by power, control and consumption.

She took part in solo and duo exhibitions at Bains-Douches (Alençon), Tonus (Paris), DOC (Paris), Palette Terre (Paris) and 76,4 (Brussels), and group shows at Balice Hertling (Paris, forthcoming), La Salle de Bains (Lyon), Treize (Paris), Colette Mariana (Barcelona), Florence Loewy (Paris), Bel Ami (Los Angeles), Shivers Only (Paris) and High Art (Paris).