François Aubart

Lives and works in Paris.
François Aubart is an art critic, independant curator and editor.

He teaches art history and theory at ENSBA Lyon. He curated several exhibitions including the most recent : De toi à la surface (Le Plateau/FRAC Ile de France, Paris), L’appropriationniste (Contre et avec) and Joe Scanlan, Classism (Villa du Parc, Annemasse). He recently contributed to the following publications : Pierre Paulin (Ed.), « Oom oom, umh umh » ; Garance Chabert et Aurélien Mole (Ed.), « Les iconographes » ; Rémi Parcolet (Ed.), « Post Display » ; Thomas Golsenne et Chloé Maillet (Ed.), « Images émancipatrices ». Along with Benjamin Seror he founded Les Mots bleus, a reading series in which people in bars read texts written by artists (Biennale de Belleville, 2014 ; Le Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse, 2016 ; A Step too Far, Bruxelles, 2018). Early in 2019 he completed his PhD, To practice without a licence : The Pictures Generation and the control of representations (1977-1986).