Gabriele Garavaglia


Gabriele Garavaglia was born in Italy and lives and works in Zurich.

In recent years, Gabriele Garavaglia's work has been exhibited at the Fondation Vincent van Gogh in Arles in 2023; Le Consortium in Dijon in 2023; Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich in 2023; Shivers Only in Paris in 2023; Galerie Gregor Staiger in 2023; Museum im Bellpark in Kriens in 2023; CAN Centre d'art Neuchâtel in 2022 ; Helmhaus Zurich 2022; Sentiment Zurich 2021; Centre d'Art Contemporain Geneva 2021; Swiss Institute New York 2020; Istituto Svizzero Rome 2020; Kunsthalle Zurich 2020; Urbaines Lausanne 2019; ICA Milan 2019; Kunsthaus Glarus 2019; Museum Folkwang Essen 2019. He received the Swiss Art Awards in 2019. 

Garavaglia's artistic production is rooted in conceptual art and operates halfway between subject, site-specific and narrative. His imagery draws on various forms of popular culture, such as science-fiction literature, gothic subculture, the anime universe, radical environmentalism, extraterrestrial communities, urban mythologies and cinematic thrills. Borrowing production processes from other creative fields such as cinema, video games, fashion, design and architecture, Garavaglia's works often function by connecting with the psychology of the observer and the mechanisms of perception: sculptures, installations and performances become vehicles for new experiences.