Loie Hollowell


Born in 1983 in Woodland, USA.
Lives and works in New-York.

Loie Hollowell’s vibrant sculptural paintings express aspects of sensuality and the life-creating potential of the human body. Hollowell distils the human form into supple yet direct shapes protruding outward from the canvas in exquisite relief. Contrasting, vibrant hues create the sense that her canvases are pulsating with energy. Hollowell references sacred iconography such as the mandorla and lingam, often joined in the choreography of sexual intimacy. The artist’s recent work directly references the physical and emotional experience of pregnancy and childbirth.
Her joyful celebrations of the body are the product of intensive craftsmanship and precise brushwork, such as delicate swirls of the brush and subtle gradients. An intuitive stylistic link to Op-Art, transcendental or tantric art and feminist painting from the ‘70s and ’80s are historical genres easily alluded to when describing Hollowell’s work. However, Hollowell stands out in both approach and sentiment; she has created a new visual language aimed at capturing the overarching themes of the relationship between the body, the self, sexuality, time, and space.