Marc Quer

Marc Quer
Marc Quer

Born in 1965. Lives and works in Marseille.

« Marc Quer proposes installations that come from a direct, rough reality, rather than from a poetic or referential space. The construction site aspect (but it is not clear whether what we are shown is under construction or demolition) of his work is as much due to the materials used as to the chosen form. The cinder blocks, the boards of palisades or formwork, the concrete irons do not give an idea of architecture, even poor architecture, but inevitably evoke specific places: underprivileged neighborhoods where the notions of art and space are like a different continent, allotments affected by degeneration, management of poverty between invention and nothingness. This constitution of an aesthetics of waste, which owes nothing to the art of recuperation of the sixties, does not seek to confront order and disorder, success and decay. Rather, Marc Quer is a moralist who is inspired by what he knows and has seen, by what he lives. The way he goes about extracting a bit of the absurd and novelty from the appearance of extreme misery is not a recovery for personal ends, but the power to give life, finally, to the slightest graffiti, to the smallest popular expression, to the slightest trace of an imagination that was thought to be stifled. »
François Bazzoli
Recent exhibitions:
• Games of parallel works, Marseille-Turin, Espace GT, Mundart, Marseille
• Atelier Savelli, ouvertures d’atelier, Marseille
• Des marches, démarches, (derrière la porte du premier étage), FRAC PACA, Marseille
• Derrière la gare, Brussels midi spoor 7, Brussels, Belgium
• Avec des jouets par milliers, Espace GT, Mundart, Marseille
• BLANCHE ENDIVE, Espace Le Carré, Lille
• Trasloco, NESXT, Docks Dora, Turin, Italie
• Un tas des lieux : un regard sur Noailles, ensa.m, Marseille
• Plein le dos, Bruit de fond, Marseille
• Quand tu descendras du ciel, Espace GT, Mundart, Marseille
• We Are All Guests, Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam, Denmark
• OVERLEVEN, Stichting NAC (Nieuwe Ateliers Charlois), Gouwplein, Rotterdam, Denmark
• Pause Photo #0 : J’y crois, j’y crois pas ?, Pilotine, Pélissanne
• Avido generoso, City life, City Café, Julie Vayssière, Paris
• Quel Amour ?!, MAC, Marseille et Musée Berardo, Lisboa, Portugal
• Tous les jours, je me dis qu’il ne faut pas que je craque, FRAC PACA, Marseille
• De la vie presque, B&B DRUUM, Brussels, Belgium