Olivier Passieux


Born in 1973.

Olivier Passieux, born in 1973, is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Cergy. In 1995 he met in NY, France Raysse, who portrayed to him an artistic scene of the 70’s both fantasized and fascinating. Back in Paris, he settles down as a painter and develops a work in relation with the photographic image and the limits of representations in painting. This approach led him in the early 2000s to increasingly complex compositions, using digital creative tools to design his canvases. He collaborates with the Odile Ouizeman Gallery in Paris in 2010 and Iragui Gallery in Moscow in 2013, while initiating a collective work with Iris Levasseur and Florence Reymond. The same year, Olivier Passieux radically reversed his practice by seeking a primary relationship to painting and gesture, in a process of balance games and facetious points of view.
In 2021, he’ll exhibit at the Galerie Bernard Jordan.