Stanislas Paruzel

Lives and works in Noisy-Le-Sec.

Born in 1992 in Pau. Lives and works in Noisy-Le-Sec.

After attending the Art School of Bayonne, he returns to the Villa Arson in 2013 and obtains his DNSEP with congratulations in 2017. In 2018, he joins the Artist-run-space IVECO NU in Noisy-Le-Sec. He is a member of the collective Nuevos Boloss and Outreglot.

Among his recent shows:

Poeurnf” / SISSI x Arcade Majeure, in Montevideo, Marseille.
The Leftovers The Rainbow“, at Iveco Nu, Noisy-le-Sec
Derby gagnant sous un nid de cacatoès“, at Julio Artist run-space, Paris
Nazcas Festival“, at Brasseries Atlas, Brussels
“Tremblements du temps “, on Saison Vidé