Vidya Gastaldon


Born in 1974 in Besançon, France.
She lives and works in Brénod, France.

With her mystical, fantastical and extremely vivid approach to art, Vidya Gastaldon develops a sort of harmonisation of qualities both spiritual and physical. Allergic to any attempt to control and restrain her universe, she delivers a cosmic overview combining Hindi divinities, Muppet-Show characters and Christian references. Her work, reminiscent of artists such as Turner, Burchfield, Blake or Bunuel, is extremely multi faced and deals with the divine, the hallucinatory but also with everyday life. In a mixture of sacred, sensual, tongue-in-cheek and sometimes provocative creations, she manages to establish a connection between “being” and “meant to be”. She engenders new beliefs, and by means of negative and positive impulses she pushes social unconsciousness out of the way, liberating our collective thought of the predefined egregores that oblige us to keep reproducing spiritual and social patterns.
Crédits photo: Sébastien Moret