Entretien sur l'art

This text is the script of a performance by Claude Closky, which took place in February 2022 at the Pernod Ricard Foundation. Invited by Jill Gasparina to an "Entretien sur l'art", Claude Closky diverted the exercise by writing a text-partition, based partially on interviews given by the artist since the 1990s.

Claude Closky has purified his sources by deleting all references allowing the identification of authors, periods and works cited. And he has composed an exchange from which coherence seems altered, spontaneity absent. The answers answer nothing. The questions float. The whole has a generic dimension. This literary experiment turns around the emptiness, the refusal, the literalism and the absurdity, it manifests the reserve that the artist has to extract himself from his work to make the comment of it.

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Claude Closky
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