Mondes nouveaux #5 / Care for the dead

Monday 7 November 2022 at 7 pm

"New Worlds" at the Fondation Pernod Ricard is a cycle of seven original evenings where artists question and anticipate the worlds to come, organized by Caroline Naphegyi, with the complicity of Bernard Blistène, Lucie Campos Mitchell, Ronan de Calan, Noé Soulier and Julien Creuzet. A program of the Ministry of Culture.


"Limiting care to the living is heresy. The pandemic experience has only aggravated what our modernities invisibilize every day, namely the dead, our more personal, more familiar dead. There is still a little room in the public space for some humans, some heroes of history. But for the rest, the dead no longer remain in the city". Quote from What cannot be stolen. Charte du Verstohlen.

"Where are your dead? Where are they buried? In the country that you were forced to leave in exile ? Unless you visit them in imagination and dream?" As a "public writer", Hélène Frappat transcribes under the dictation of the living, the inner and intimate necropolis of humanity. She writes about the "memories of those who make us, ancestors, places and characters of a childhood from which each human being is exiled, and that literature never ceases to exhume". During the evening, Cynthia Fleury will present the Chartre de Verstohlen, Antoine Fenoglio and Hélène Frappat propose "a journey of sharing and experiences to commemorate those who allow us to remain dignified". Musical improvisation by Olivier Mellano.

Photo : Antoine Fenoglio, Cynthia Fleury, What cannot be stolen. Charte du Verstohlen. Collection Tracts, Tall format Serie, Gallimard, 2022. 


Antoine Fenoglio

Cynthia Fleury

Hélène Frappat

Olivier Mellano

Fondation Pernod Ricard
1 cours Paul Ricard
75008 Paris
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