TextWork is an online platform that publishes monographic texts by international authors on artists from the French scene.

Saul Anton

John Beeson

Andrew Berardini

Wong Bing Hao

Fernanda Brenner

Helena Chávez Mac Gregor

Nick Currie

Marta Dziewańska

Sylvie Fortin

Orit Gat

  • Alain Séchas according to Orit Gat

Martin Herbert

  • Hubert Duprat according to Martin Herbert

Daisy Hildyard

Jesi Khadivi

Adam Kleinman

Christina Li

Chus Martínez

Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Sarah Rifky

Caterina Riva

Sarah Robayo Sheridan

Chris Sharp

Mike Sperlinger

Stephan Steiner

Nora Sternfeld

Eloise Sweetman

Ana Teixeira Pinto

Rachel Valinsky

Joanna Warsza

What is TextWork ?

By soliciting monographic studies that are sometimes the first of that scale for the artists, the Fondation Pernod Ricard initiates new encounters between artists and authors. This promotes the international circulation of work by the French art scene, and makes the bet that these conversations will continue well beyond the text. Available in French and English, these thoroughly documented texts are also distributed on international critical platforms. This editorial project provides a forum for ambitious art criticism, and is part of the Fondation Pernod Ricard’s policy of supporting the French scene. It is conceived with support from the Ministry of Culture. ISSN 2726-9949

Editorial Committee

The project is supported by a consultative editorial committee consisting of François Aubart, Virginie Bobin and Elodie Royer. Pauline Autet is the project’s editorial coordinator.

Upcoming TextWorks


Seulgi Lee according to Binna Choi

Jean-Claude Ruggirello according to Vivian Sky Rehberg

Benoît Piéron according to Léon Kruijswijk